2013 – The Year In Numbers

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‘Tis the season for making lists.

Rozenberg Quarterly had 1041 visitors in January 2013. Today, December 18, the stats show 4534 visitors have found us this month. We will reach 5000 monthly visitors for the first time, which makes us more than content. Our goal is to have 10.000 monthly visitors by the end of next year.

These visitors can be broken up in some statistics. 45,85% of them are female and thus 54,15% male.

RQAgeThe average age of our visitors:
18 – 14:  27,50%
25 – 34:  33,50%
35 – 44:  15,50 %
45 – 54:  12,50%
55 – 64:  5,50%
65 + :   5,50%



The top 10 of visiting countries:
1. USA
2. The Netherlands
3. – not set –
4. South Africa
5. Zimbabwe
6. United Kingdom
7. Canada
8. India
9. Australia
10. Belgium

The most read articles (the number after the title represents how many times the article was read in 2013):

1. Sabelo J. Ndlovu-Gatsheni– The Ndebele Nation6702
2. Knud S. Larsen, Reidar Ommundsen & Kees van der Veer – Attraction and Relationships – The Journey from Initial Attachments to Romantic Love5708
3. Heinz Kimmerle – Ubuntu and Communalism in African Philosophy and Art2948
4. Immanuel Wallerstein – Is Another World Really Possible? The Slogans Of The French Revolution Reconsidered2198
5. Anthony Court – Hannah Arendt’s Theory of Totalitarianism – Part Two1935
6. Ahmed A. Wadee, Moyra Keane, Ton Dietz & Driekie Hay – Effective PhD Supervision – Chapter Five – The Relationship between PhD Candidate and Supervisor910
7. Anshu Padayachee and Ashwin Desai – Post-Apartheid South Africa and the Crisis of Expectation – DPRN Four900
8. Jan Bart Gewald – Gold The True Motor Of West African History: An Overview Of The Importance Of Gold In West Africa And Its Relations With The Wider World –  891
9. Jan Briffaerts – The Missionaries And The Belgian Congo: Preparation, Ideas And Conceptions Of The Missionaries854
10. Kobus Du Pisani – The Purchase Of The Farm Braklaagte By The Bahurutshe ba ga Moiloa – Whose Land Is It Anyway? (1908-1935)781

The two articles that were shared the most through social media after publishing:
– Ekmal Ertan – #direngeziparkı #direndemokrasi (#resistforgezipark #resistfordemocracy)
– Michael Meeuwis – Tiny Bouts Of Contentment. Rare Film Footage Of Graham Greene In The Belgian Congo, March 1959
The last article was published only 2 weeks ago, but has already been read 640 times.

While in February of this year we were a little worried whether we would get enough articles for the RQ, at the time of writing we have a luxury problem: We have 564 articles waiting to be published.

Our plans for 2014 are clear:
– We will start publishing a newsletter every 2 months
– We will continue to look for funding and support
– We will publish all those articles and more

We wish you a happy 2014 and hope you continue to enjoy reading our website!

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