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nietzscheThis Open Culture page features a growing list of Free Philosophy eBooks, presenting essential works by Aristotle, Hegel, Kant, Nietzsche, Wittgenstein and many other philosophers. You can generally read these texts on your Kindle, iPad & iPhone, or web browser. For those interested in philosophy, you won’t want to miss the collection of Free Online Philosophy Courses.

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Margaret Mead – Tales From The Jungle

Exploring the work of Margaret Mead, this film investigates the 12 months Mead spent with the Samoans in the Twenties.
Her resulting book, Coming Of Age In Samoa, had a huge impact on Western culture.
Mead believed cultures like the Samoans could teach people how to live in harmony. Her book depicts a society of free love — devoid of jealousy and teenage turmoil.

But, decades later, her work was criticised as being tainted by her romantic views and strong belief in liberal values.
Tales From The Jungle examines whether Mead’s study was merely misinterpretation and romantic wishful thinking.

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[Press statement] South African Delegation At The Human Rights Council May Weaken The International Status Of The Right To Adequate Housing

sa slum


March, 27, 2014. SERI, the CLC and CALS note with concern that the action of the South African delegation at the Human Rights Council may threaten a progressive resolution on the right to adequate housing.
It has come to the attention of SERI, the CLC and CALS that the South African delegation at the 25th Session of the Human Rights Council in Geneva is requesting last minute amendments to an important resolution on adequate housing as a component of the right to an adequate standard of living. After weeks of negotiation the resolution is due to be adopted at the Human Rights Council tomorrow, Friday 28 March. The proposed amendments may result in this progressive resolution not being adopted.

This resolution is the culmination of a two year process in which the South African government has actively engaged, including participating at the African regional consultation on security of tenure for the urban poor which was convened by the Special Rapporteur on adequate housing in Johannesburg in May 2013. The consultation was attended by government, civil society, academic and professional representatives from South Africa, Egypt, Brazil, Madagascar, Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal and Uganda. Out of this process the Special Rapporteur produced important guiding principles on security of tenure for the urban poor.

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Demographia World Urban Areas

March 2014. Demographia World Urban Areas is the only annually published inventory of population, corresponding land area and population density for urban areas with more than 500,000 population. Unlike metropolitan area lists, Demographia World Urban Areas applies a generally consistent definition to built up urban areas.1 Demographia World Urban Areas has been widely cited and has been used by respected websites, such as “City Mayors.”

Demographia  World Urban Areas  (Built-up Urban Areas or Urban Agglomerations)
This report contains population, land area and population density for all 924 identified urban areas (urban agglomerations or urbanized areas) in the world with 500,000 or more population as of the volume date. The total population of these urban areas is estimated at 1.92 billion, 51 percent of the world urban population.
A number of additional urban areas are also listed, including all urban areas over 100,000 in France, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, the United Kingdom and the United States and all urban areas over 50,000 in Australia and Canada. Rankings are indicated only for urban areas of 500,000 and over.
Overall, data is provided for 1,664 urban areas of all sizes. These urban areas comprise an estimated 2.07 billion people accounting for 53 percent of the world urban population.

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Susan Parnell Discusses ‘Africa’s Urban Revolution’

An interview with Susan Parnell, Executive Member of the African Centre for Cities and Co-Editor of ‘Africa’s Urban Revolution’, published by Zed Books. Sue discusses informal settlements, the effects of global environmental change & the true economic potential of Africa’s cities.

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Bentham Open – The Open Urban Studies Journal

BenthamThe Open Urban Studies Journal is an Open Access online journal which publishes original research articles, reviews, letters and guest edited single topic issues in the field of urban and regional studies. Topics covered include the: theory, methods, planning, development, analysis, design, policies and programs applied to urban studies.

The Open Urban Studies Journal, a peer reviewed journal, is an important and reliable source of current information on developments in the field. The emphasis will be on publishing quality articles rapidly and freely available worldwide.

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BENTHAM OPEN publish over 230 plus peer-reviewed open access journals. These free-to-view online journals cover all major disciplines of science, technology, medicine and social sciences:

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