Antipode – Volume 46, Issue 4, Pages 857–1133

ANTI_centreAims and Scope
Antipode is an academic journal but also more than this. It publishes peer review essays on geographical issues such as place, space, landscape, scale, human- environment relations, uneven development, boundaries, borders and connections. These essays further the analytical and political goals of a broad-based Left-wing geography. The perspective can be Marxist, post-Marxist, feminist, anti-racist, queer, anarchist or green. Antipode also publishes short commentaries (Interventions) and book reviews and review symposia. The journal funds an annual postgraduate scholarship and sponsors annual lectures at major international geography conferences. Recent speakers include Tariq Ali, David Harvey, Gill Hart, Eric Sheppard, Doreen Massey, Ray Hudson, Bob Jessop and Gerry Pratt.

In addition to publishing academic papers, Antipode publishes short polemical interventions and longer, more reflective explorations of radical geography in particular fields or locations. The journal has an Interventions section, publishes special issues and book issues, and publishes book review symposia as well as normal book reviews. The journal also undertakes wider activities in the service of geographically-informed Left-wing analysis and politics, such as Summer Institutes and the warding of annual graduate scholarships.

• Essential reading for critical social scientists
• Publishes cutting-edge radical theory and research
• The only left-wing journal dedicated to exploring the geographical constitution of power and resistance
• Explores how space, place, border, scale and landscape both shape and are shaped by unequal social relations.

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