Iraq – The Ministry Of Planning Reveal A 2.45 Million Iraqis Are Living In Slums April 2014. The Ministry of Planning revealed that 2.45 million Iraqis are living in slums in the cities and parties across the country in the statistic reflects the extent of the housing crisis in Iraq.And spreading slums on the outskirts of cities due to increasing numbers of people and the displacement of villagers towards the cities in the past three decades as a result of the deterioration of the country’s economy.And Iraq fought several wars since the early eighties of the last century and the siege imposed on him for more than 10 years, which led to the destruction of various sectors and infrastructure.The agent said the Ministry of Planning Mahdi Keywords for site ‘Twilight News’ that the slums scattered across Iraq’s provinces inhabited by a gathering of 1552 2.00045 million thousand people by 346 000 family.He said the capital Baghdad, containing one-third of the random gatherings of Nineveh and Basra followed, while considered less Karbala and Najaf provinces in the number of slums.