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The blessings of the internet are numerous.
If I only limit it to the role that the internet plays in the distribution of  knowledge, I dare to speak of a dream scenario. Never before have so many people had easy access to so much knowledge. And for free in many cases.
I count our blessings and am satisfied.

There is a but.
We try to earn a living by publishing books, mainly academic publications. In addition to the paper version, we also publish books as ebook.
We like to work customer friendly and therefore choose not to work for a user-unfriendly solution where the purchaser first needs to download the needed software before the purchased can be used. Also, we choose not to use software that restricts the buyer’s  possibilities of using the purchased on different devices to set.
Of course, you can also use a watermark so that the road to the buyer can be traced if the book suddenly pops up on a site.

But there is a but: for all securitysystems the first things that pop up when you enter ‘security ebooks’ into the search engines are websites offering software to disable the security.
The internet culture where almost everything is available for free, has great charms. I only need to look at myself. I used to buy newspapers and magazines, I went to the bookstore and the library to read, to look, taste and buy. Now I’m on the net and look at the headlines, read the newspapers, look at something and am satisfied.
Of course, I also buy books online, pay for some journals, but in many cases I am satisfied with the information I find on the net for free.

But, as I said, there is a but.
Let’s start with the author. You think, write and rewrite. Eventually you look for a publisher who is interested in publishing your book. The publisher reads, thinks, discusses and proposes an editor to set the finishing touches.
As an author, you want a compensation for the work you have created. The editor expects the publisher to pay for the work. The publisher would like to pay the salaries and the rent. And earn a living for himself as well. When the book is finished, whether or not printed, the book must be sold. The bookseller must also earn from the sale.
The publisher tries to pay all these costs by asking the buyer a certain amount for the work of all those involved in the preparation of the publication.
And so our books have a price. Our ebooks as well. And we are confident that the buyer is decent and will not forward the file of the ebook to all relatives and acquaintances. Or even bolder: just put the file online so anyone interested can read what the author has devised for free.
The internet is still young. The etiquette for our behavior on the net is in progress. Not that etiquette is the definitive solution to the problems of online publishing. The behavior on the Internet will always remain a mirror of human behavior in the real world.
Awareness of the problems is the beginning.
Understanding and respect for everyone’s position is the beginning of developing a code of conduct.

To ensure that our products continue to meet the desired quality, we would like respect for our work. We will no longer protect our ebooks. In all parties interests. We will save on costs and the buyer will not be limited to use.

By using this logo we guarantee a realistic and fair price for our books.
We have added an additional logo to our website and ebooks: RespectRight.
With this logo we request respect for intellectual property and copyright.
Or to keep it simple: we respect everyone’s work.

The approach I use here is not isolated. Ultimately it counts for everything we share on the web. From photo to music, from book to painting. Whether we are asking a price or not.
To make it even broader: the logo is also useful in a general sense. From ambulance personnel to author, from firefighter to musician, from retailer to photographer.
We have respect for everyone’s work.

RespectRight – Respecting the work



Download: Download PDF-File Logo

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