Carren Jao – Architecture For The Underserved, For Under $15k

Badehus, Safe Haven Orphanage, Ban Tha Song Yang, Thailand – Photo: Pasi Aalto / Tyin Tegnestue November 20, 2012. My inbox is often filled with photographs or renderings of glitzy new developments, glinting under the sun. Of course, it looks great, but lately, I find myself tiring of hearing multi-million budgets, LEED ratings over again. I absentmindedly wonder, “How many of these buildings will truly be assets to their community long after these stats are lost in the ethers of the Internet?” (Can you really count something as lost in the Internet, anyway?)

I found my appreciation for architecture re-kindled with an introduction to the work of this year’s European Prize for Architecture winner, Norway’s TYIN Tegnestue. The duo was established 2008 and made their name designing community-sensitive structures in underserved areas of Thailand, Uganda, Sumatra and Norway. Theirs is an “architecture of necessity,” where beautiful form serves a true purpose.

TYIN involves the community in the design and building of their work and their materials are sourced nearby or from local merchants. Many firms follow these processes, but the product speaks for itself. TYIN’s structures are warm, appealing and feels organic. Here are some of my favorites.

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