Homeless International Signs New Partnership Agreement To Build Affordable Homes For Slum Dwellers In Tanzania

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homeless-international.org. March, 26, 2013.

Homeless International’s award winning CLIFF programme has reached agreement with a new partner – Women’s Advancement Trust – Human Settlements Trust (WAT-HST) to build affordable homes for slum dwellers in Tanzania.

The agreement includes the commitment to build nearly 1,200 new homes for slum dwellers in Dar es Salaam over a two year period, with the properties being delivered in 10 projects on an affordable loan basis. Homeless International’s Community-Led Infrastructure Finance Facility (CLIFF) programme team, which recently won silver at the prestigious Emerging Partnerships awards sponsored by IFC (a member of the World Bank) and the Infrastructure Journal, will work closely with WAT-HST  to build housing delivery systems that generate surpluses to ensure the on-going sustainability of both the organisation and their programme. Work will begin this year with land purchases leading to final completion in September 2014.

“The CLIFF programme provides capital finance and capacity building support for organisations working in some of the most deprived slums in Africa and Asia to develop the capabilities required provide housing and basic services for the urban poor – ” said Larry English, Homeless International’s Chief Executive. “We are looking forward to our partnership WAT-HST and to seeing the organisation develop models that serve not only the needs of this generation of Tanzanians, but of generations to come.”

Read more: http://www.homeless-international.org/Tanzania