Liz Agbor-Tabi & Lauren Sorkin ~ Blue Is The New Black: Improving Water Management Yields Multiple Resilience Benefits

waterFebr. 2015. The 2015 World Economic Forum in Davos identified water crises – flood, drought, and pollution – as the risk with the largest expected impact over the next 10 years in its 2015 Global Risks report. The report posits that over 50 percent of the planet’s water is already diverted for human use, and that number is rising. Competition for scarce, clean water creates conflicts across the world, in cities from Durban to Los Angeles to Mexico City. Effective water management to confront clean water scarcity is a major concern for most cities.

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My Story ~ A Study On Chinese Cultural Identity In Australia – Contents & Preface

MyStoryThe book My Story ~ A Study On Chinese Cultural Identity In Australiaedited by Fan Hong and Liang Fen has been launched during an international event in Perth, Australia. The book had been published as volume 5 of the series Asia Studies – Within and Without – a book series that is kindly supported also by Rozenberg Quarterly.

Preface (See below)
Feng Jicai – A Creative Research Project
Dennis Haskell – Foreword
Jan Ryan – Foreword ~ Chinese in Australia, 1980 –
The first story: Sometimes, Flowers Bloom Even More Beautifully In A Foreign Soil
2: The Country Behind The Forests
3: Many Small Stones Can Build A Pyramid – That Is How Miracles Are Created
4:  I Remain A Typical Chinese Person
5: Three Words, One Marriage
6. From “Falling Leaves Settling On The Roots” To “Falling Leaves Growing From The Roots”
7. I Will Repay My Motherland For Nurturing Me
8. From Chinese Country Boy To An Australian Professor
9. Who Is The Foreigner In This Place?
10. A Party With One Member
11. Start From Simplicity
12. An Ordinary Road 
13. While Travelling Life’s Journey, Cherish Every Step And Every Stop Along The Way
14. Seeking A Better Life, Doing Meaningful Things 
15. Never Say “Give up”
16. A Love Story
17. A Unique Personal Statement
18. Full Circle 
19. We Are The Masters Of Our Destiny 
20. A Special Representative
21. Reborn ~ New Family, New Vision And New Career
22. Only By Creating Your Own World Can You Create A Real Life
23. For All Walks Of Life, There Must Be A Master
24. The Older I Get, The More I Enjoy My Life
25. Half Australian And Half Chinese
26. Keep Your Nose To The Grindstone, You Will Be Successful In The End

The first wave of immigration from China to Australia appeared in the mid-19th century provoked largely by the gold rush of that period. In the 1861 census of Australia’s population there were over 38,000 Chinese migrants in Australia and by 1947 it had fallen to 6,400.
Since the 1980s there has been a new wave of Chinese immigration to Australia, and there are now over 415,000 Chinese immigrants, or ‘Chinese Australians’. Chinese migrants record high levels of educational attainment that match and occasionally surpass the national average. With a high degree of academic achievement and upward socioeconomic mobility, those Chinese Australians who were born post the 1950s and post 1980s are among the most well educated groups in Australia and comprise a large percentage of Australia’s educated class.

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我的故事 ~ 在澳华人的文化身份认同研究 ~ 故事

My Story前言

Fan Hong & Liang Fen  凡红 梁芬
Feng Jicai ~  冯骥才
Dennis Haskell  ~  丹尼斯·哈斯克尔
Jan Ryan ~  简·瑞安


1. 有时候换一片土壤,也许可以开出不一样的花
2. 森林背后的国家
3. 小事做起,积沙成塔
4. 地地道道的中国人
5. 三字成婚
6. 落叶生根
7. 回报祖国
8. 从中国娃到澳洲大学教授
9. 到底谁是外国人
10. 一个人的党

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我的故事 ~ 前言

My Story






本书为 《我的故事 — 在澳华人的文化身份认同研究》第一集,共讲述了30名在澳华人不同的经历 – 从他们最初怀揣着各自的梦想,踏上澳洲这片陌生的土地时的情景;回顾他们从最简单开始, 用自己的双手和智慧开辟出属于自己的天地的感慨;分享他们打拼创业,功成名就时的喜悦。与此同时,了解他们成功不忘祖国,为让更多的人拥有更美好的生活而继续努力工作,奉献爱心的情怀。



我们还要诚挚地感谢John C. Reeves 先生,Ian Henry教授, 陈红博士和余成功老师担任本书英文版校对工作,感谢王力永老师和王振宇老师的中文版校对。感谢关志逊, 刘利,张慧杰三位博士生的协助编辑。感谢承担本项目誊写工作的西澳大学孔子学院的志愿者们,他们是胡思宇、赵薇、周昱、张翔蔚、侯景煜,姜明雪。



凡红    梁芬


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My Story ~ A Creative Research Project

flag-china-ausFor immigrants, identity is a kind of deep cultural psychology, the pursuit of a mental end-state, and a key part of their specific humanity. Since Australia is an important place for Chinese immigration, research on immigrants’ history, their personal struggle, the cultural conflict and integration between themselves and society, as well as their sense of ‘life-achievement’ are also important. They will contribute to the affirmation and understanding of immigrants’ value and identity, to their particular contribution to Australia’s development and social harmony, as well as to the active exploration of the impact of Australia’s, multicultural policy.

Oral history is an academic approach which has grown in importance since its origins in the 20th century and has been adopted in a wide range of disciplines from anthropology, sociology, and cultural studies, to literary heritage. As a kind of living history record focusing on people, studying personal memories, oral history has a unique historical and academic value.

In adopting this approach to the study of the cultural identity of Australian Chinese immigrants, the Confucius Institute at the University of Western Australia has seized upon a very visionary and creative subject. I believe that this project will gradually demonstrate its academic significance, it is certainly a good place to start from,, and we will look forward to sharing this academic achievements.

Feng Jicai

Deputy President of China Federation of Literary and Art Circles
Consultant of State Council of the People’s Republic of China

19 October 2014

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我的故事 ~ 一个有创建性的研究课题











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