Cordaid – What Matters In Urban Ethiopia?

Photo: Cordaid/Bruk Amsalu

Photo: Cordaid/Bruk Amsalu

Cordaid. August 2014. With estimated 10% sewerage connection coverage, Addis Ababa has a lot to worry about its liquid waste management. A possible answer to the problem: the Sanitation Value Chain – a smart solution for liquid waste management in Addis Ababa.

The Sanitation Situation
Poor sanitation in Addis Ababa, particularly liquid waste, is one of the challenges that affects the life of the residents and dwarfed its image as a capital of Africa. Drainage channels, streams and rivers are carrying grey and black water as a result of illegal connection by households and institutions, which is due to lack of alternatives and poor law enforcement of sewer lines. It will take years before the 100% sewerage connection, envisioned by the city government, will be realized, due to the huge investment needed of current urban planning and construction activities.

With a history of organic development defying all efforts of planning, which in turn resulted in the proliferation of slums estimated to cover more than 80% of the city, Addis Ababa has many competing development agendas that place demands on the scarce resources. In addition, the complexity of planning, design, construction and coordination tasks that slum re-development demands makes things more challenging.

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