DJDEBOERHUISARTS- Balth. Floriszoonstraat 23, Amsterdam

July – September

10 July 2022, 17.00 hrs.

A talk between David de Boer and Joseph Sassoon Semah –  A performance ‘Display of the Wound’, Joseph & Friends

Excerpt – from a letter written by Joseph Sassoon Semah to Albrecht Dürer 1986 …Please remember, such an order – [ Jose[f]ph Beuys “Show Your Wound ] “Zeige Deine Wunde  – from a German [ex] Nazi soldier to a certain Guest is not innocent, and the Guest always knows what will become of this quest;
Because as it is, there is always a risk following the showing of the wound of BRIT – MILaH, בְּרִית מִילָה [Covenant of circumcision] in the Extended Territory of Jose[f]ph Beuys;
After all, one cannot forget the devastating actions of Nazi Germany upon the Guest’s בְּרִית מִילָה [Covenant of circumcision] – There is no secret here, the Guest’s authentic healed wound is already buried, in the ground of the extended territory of Jose[f]ph Beuys…