ISSA Proceedings 2006 ~ Table Of Contents

logo 2006Table of Contents ISSA Proceedings 2006 – Work in Progress

Frans H. van Eemeren, J. Anthony Blair, Charles A. Willard & Bart Garssen – Preface
Mark A. Aakhus & Alena L. Vasilyeva – Managing Disagreement In Multiparty Deliberation
Donn P. Abbott – Modern Rhetoric And The End Of Argument
Andrew Aberdein – Virtue Argumentation
Theodora Achourioti  – Fallacies And Context-Dependence: Considering The Strategic Maneuvering Approach
Martin T. Adam – Classes Of Moral Agent And The Art Of Persuasion In The Pali Nikayas Jesús Alcolea-Banegas -Visual Arguments In Film
Jesús Alcolea-Banegas – Visual Arguments In Film
Habibe Aldağ & Ahmet Doğanay – The Effects Of Textual And Graphical-Textual Argumentation Software As Cognitive Tools On Development Of Argumentation skills
Donka Alexandrova – Agonistics Among The Wooden, Democratic And Monarchic Discourses In Contemporary Bulgaria
J. Francisco Álvarez – The Risk Of Arguing. From Persuasion To Dissuasion Rodica Amel  – The Challenging Force Of Dissuasion
Rodica Amel – The Challenging Force Of Dissuasion
Bilal Amjarso  – Addressing Anticipated Countermoves As A Form Of Strategic Manoeuvring
Corina Andone – The Strategic Use Of Antithesis In The Argumentation Stage Of A Critical Discussion
Kevin T. Baaske & Megan A. Baaske – Hurricane Katrina: An Argumentative Analysis Of Race And Gender Issues In The Media Coverage Of A Natural And National Disaster
Susan J. Balter-Reitz & Karen A. Stewart – A Perfect Circle: Visual Argument Field And The Definition Of The Middle Class
Hilde van Belle – When You Don’t Have Anything To Prove Strategic Manoeuvering And Rhetorical Argumentation
Lilian Bermejo Luque – The Justification Of  The Normative Nature Of Argumentation Theory
Barbara A. Biesecker – Memorializing In A Time Of Terror: A Case Study Of Public Argument
Frans A.J. Birrer – Hidden Obstructions In Discussions Involving Conductive Argumentation. Core And Surface In The U.S. Debate On The Use Of Data Mining Techniques In The Fight Against Terrorism
J. Anthony Blair – Investigations And The Critical Discussion Model
George Boger – A Foundational Principle Underlying Philosophy Of Argument
Åsa Brumark – Argumentation At The Swedish Family Dinner Table
Lilit Brutian – Arguments In Child Language
Andrew J. Burgess – Irony As Ethical Argumentation In Kierkegaard
Ann E. Burnette & Wayne L. Kraemer – The Argumentative Framework Of Imperial Righteousness: The War Discourse Of George W. Bush
Damiano Canale & Giovanni Tuzet – The A Contrario Argument: A Scorekeeping Model
Linda Carozza – A Pragma-Dialectical Response To Feminist Concerns
Adelino Cattani – Rules Of Refutation And Strategies Of Dissuasion In Debate
Leah Ceccarelli – Creating Controversy About Science And Technology
Mathieu Chaput & Milton N. Campos – A Pragma-Dialectical Analysis Of Online Political Argumentation
Sara Cigada – Past-Oriented And Future-Oriented Emotions In Argumentation For Europe During The Fifties
Daniel H. Cohen – Understanding, Arguments, And Explanations: Cognitive Transformations And The Limits Of Argumentation
Elisia L. Cohen – Rhetoric, Homeland Security, And Geopolitical Context: A Comparative Argument Analysis After Terror Strikes
Catherine Ann Collins – Seeing Is Believing: The Visual Diary Of Paul Wynne
Peter A. Cramer – Controversy Participation As A Function Of Direct Reported Speech In News
Nathaniel I. Córdova – Between Radical Democracy And Civic Virtue: Political Piety And Public Moral Argument

Robert T. Craig – Arguments About “Dialogue” In Practice And Theory
Chiara Degano – Argumentation Theory, Critical Discourse Analysis And Corpus Linguistics: A Case Study
Antoni  Diller – Understanding The Strategy Of Attacking Premises
Marianne Doury – A Bottom-Up Approach To Argument Schemes: The Case Of Comparative Argument
M. Dufour – Didactics And Authority: Towards A Pragma-Didactical Approach
Danielle Endres – “Yucca Mountain Will Become Unhappy And Angry” : Culture, Metaphor, and Argument
Ademar Ferreira – On The Role Of Pragmatics, Rhetoric And Dialectics In Scientific Controversies
Eveline T. Feteris – A Normative Reconstruction Of Arguments From Reasonableness In The Justification Of Judicial Decisions
Maurice A. Finocchiaro – Metadialogues And Meta-Arguments: Krabbe On Formal-Fallacy Criticism
Gerd Fritz – Communication Principles For Controversies – An Historical Perspective
Claudio Fuentes – Towards A “Pragma-Dramatic” Approach To Argumentation
Richard Friemann – Pragma-Dialectics And A Unified Understanding Of Interpersonal Disagreement
Giovanni Gobber – Some Remarks On Interrogativity And Argumentation
G.C. Goddu – Against Making The Linked-Convergent Distinction
G. Thomas Goodnight – The Duties Of Advocacy: Argumentation Under Conditions Of Disparity, Asymmetry, And Difference
Jean Goodwin – Actually Existing Rules For Closing Argument
Trudy Govier – Duets, Cartoons, And Tragedies: Struggles With The Fallacy Of Composition
Jim Gough – Accepting Premises And Systems Of Belief
Miriam Greenfeld – The Invocation Of Time Within Argumentative Discourse In An Asynchronous Internet Environment
Alessandro Grilli – Argumentation, Keywords And Worldviews
Bruce E. Gronbeck – Theorizing Visual Argumentation: Three Approaches To Jacob Riis
Kati Hannken-Illjes – Undoing Premises. The Interrelation Of Argumentation And Narration In Criminal Proceedings
Hans Vilhelm Hansen – Mill On Argumentation
Gerard Hauser  & Virginia C. Sanprie – Women In Combat: Arguments Against Military Women In Combat Through Media Depictions Of Jessica Lynch And Lynndie England
Mika Hietanen – The Gospel Of Matthew As An Argument
David Hitchcock – Why There Is No Argumentum Ad Hominem Fallacy
John Hoaglund – Informal Logic And Pragma Dialectics
Hanns Hohmann – Legal Arguments For Political Violence: The Assassination Of The Duke Of Orléans (1407)
Michael Hoppmann – Dialectical Ideal And Dialectical Training
Isabela Ieţcu-Fairclough –  ‘Status Groups’ Or A ‘Free Market Of Ideas’? An Analysis Of A Romanian Intellectual Polemic In Pragma-Dialectical And Critical Discourse-Analytical Terms
Cornelia Ilie – Argument Refutation Through Definitions And Re-Definitions
Hengameh Irandoust – A Pragmatic Analysis Of Critique And Evaluation
Michael Janas –  What Is The KKK: Metonymy And Synecdoche In Arguments About Racism
Sharon Jessop – Citizenship Education And The Teaching Of Argumentation In Schools
Ralph Jessop – Undesirable Passions: Utopia’s Emotionless Rationality
Ralph H. Johnson – Responding To Objections
Charlotte Jørgensen – The Relevance Of Intention In Argument Evaluation
Mary L. Kahl – An Analysis Of Argument In George Washington’s Newburgh Address: “Address To The Officers Of The Army,” March 15, 1783
Tomohiro Kanke – Reshaping Emperor Hirohito’s Persona: A Study Of Fragmented Arguments In Multiple Texts
Fred J. Kauffeld – Grice’s Analysis Of Utterance-Meaning And Cicero’s Catilinarian Apostrophe
Zornitsa Keremidchieva – The Argument Of Print: State Sovereignty And The Publication Of U.S Congressional Debates
Manfred Kienpointner – Revolutionary rhetoric. Georg Büchner’s “Der Hessische Landbote“ (1834). A case study
Sheila J. Kindred – Resort To Persuasive Authority: The Use And Abuse Of Legal Argument In Political Discourse
Susan L. Kline – Displaying Reasonableness: Developmental Changes In Two Argument Practices
Geoffrey D. Klinger – Arguing Against The Capitalist State: The Rhetorical And Ideological Struggles Of Eugene Victor Debs
Christian Kock – The Domain Of Rhetorical Argumentation
László I. Komlósi – Perelman’s Vision: Argumentation Schemes As Examples Of Generic Conceptualization In Everyday Reasoning Practices
Marcin Koszowy – A Methodological Approach To Argument Evaluation
Erik C. W. Krabbe – On How To Get Beyond The Opening Stage
A. J. Kreider – Informal Fallacies As Inferences To The Best Explanation
Tone Kvernbekk – Theory And Practice: A Metatheoretical Contribution
Gábor Kutrovátz – A Role For Dialectic In Science Studies
Jan Albert van Laar – Confrontational Manoeuvring By Pointing Out A Pragmatic Inconsistency
Michael Leff – Ad Hominem Argument In The Bush/Kerry Presidential Debates
José Julio León – Justice As Argumentation
Thomas M. Lessl – Scientific Demarcation And Metascience: The National Academy Of Sciences On The Greenhouse Effect And Neo-Darwinism
Elena Lisanyuk – Russian Political Talk Show: Glamour Of Argumentative Discussion – A Case Study
Sacha Mandelcwajg & Michel Marcoccia – The Definition And The Negotiation Of The Norms Of Discussion In Newsgroups: Which Communication Ideal?
Beth Innocenti Manolescu – Shaming Into Argumentation
Roberto Marafioti – Argumentation In Debate: The Parliamentary Speech In Critical Contexts
Roberto Marafioti, Zelma Dumm & María Elena Bitonte – Argumentation And Counter-Argumentation Using A Diaphonic Appropiation In A Parlamentary
Vesel Memedi – The Role Of A Third Party In Argumentative Discourse
Raphaël Micheli – The Argumentative Construction Of Emotions: The Example Of Indignation In Pro-Life Rhetoric
Marta Mignini – Strategic Maneuvering In Banks’ Annual Reports
Gordon R. Mitchell – Ehninger’s Argument Violin
Dima Mohammed – Towards A Pragma-Dialectical Approach To Negotiation
Jeremy Morris – Pragmatic Reflexivity In Self-defeating And Self-justifying Expressions
Daniel J. O’Keefe – Normatively Responsible Advocacy: Some Provocations From Persuasion Effects Research
Hiroko Okuda – Prime Minister Mori’s Controversial “Divine Nation” Remarks: A Case Study Of Japanese Political Communication Strategies
Edward Panetta – Obscuring The Facts: The Bush Administration And The Politicization Of Science In The Greenhouse Debate
Georgios Papagounos & Manolis Polychronides – On Relevance
Donn W. Parson & George Ziegelmueller – Rhetorical Irony: Problems And Possibilities
Marijan Pavčnik – The Rule Of Law Argument (Its Elements And Some Open Questions And Cases)
Roosmaryn Pilgram & Leah E. Polcar – Questioning The Fallacy Of Many Questions
H. José Plug – Evaluating Attacks On The Credibility Of Politicians In Political Debates
Leah E. Polcar – Question-Reply Argumentation Reconsidered: A Pragma-Dialectical Account Of How Questions And Answers Are Used In Critical Discussion
Marian Pijnenburg – Quote … Unquote. Direct Quotation As A Strategic Manoeuvre In The Confrontation Stage
Karen Rasmussen – Warranting Spiritual Reclamation In Chicana Literature
Angela G. Ray – Arguments For Popular Audiences: Early U.S. Woman’s Rights Advocacy In The Lyceum Lectures Of Elizabeth Oakes Smith
M.A. van Rees – Dissociation: Between Rhetorical Success And Dialectical Soundness
Anna Carolina Regner – The Polemical Interaction Between Darwin And Mivart: A Lesson On Refuting Objections
Martin Reisigl – The Dynamics Of Right-Wing Populist Argumentation In Austria
Pedro Reygadas & Josefina Guzman – Visual Schematization: Advertising And Gender In Mexico
John Rief – Talking At Cross Purposes: Violating Higher-Order Conditions With Oppositional Arguments
Patricia Riley, Thomas Hollihan & James F. Klumpp – On Taking The UN Seriously As A Site For Public Arguments: Does The UN Have A Role In The 21st Century?
Juho Ritola – On Justified Belief In The Link Of An Argument
Robert C. Rowland – Purpose, Argument Fields, And Theoretical Justification
Lambèr Royakkers & Bart van Klink – Equality In Utilitarian Reasoning Or: How Useful Is The Pragma-Dialectical Approach As An Analytical And Critical Tool?
Sara Rubinelli, Peter J. Schulz & Kent Nakamoto – Reading Direct-To-Consumer Advertising Of Prescription Medicine. A Qualitative Study From Argumentation Theory On Its Dialectical And Rhetorical Features
Mirela Saim – Reforming The Jews, Rejecting Marginalization: The 1799 German Debate On Jewish Emancipation In Its Controversy Context
Margareth Sandvik – The Rhetoric Of Emotions In Political Argumentation
Janice Schuetz – A Typology Of Arguments In U.S. Judicial Opinions About Immigration
Susan A. Sci – Aesthetic Reason: Expanding The Role Of Argumentation & Deliberation Within Aesthetic Theory
Marita Seppänen – The Quality Of Argumentation In Masters Theses
Michael J. Shaffer – The Ad Verecundiam Fallacy And Appeals To Expert Testimony
M. Siderits – Contradiction In Madhyamaka Buddhist Argumentation
Harvey Siegel & John Biro – Rationality, Reasonableness, And Critical Rationalism: Problems With The Pragma-Dialectical View
Anders Sigrell – The Normativity Of The Progymnasmata Exercises
Virgílio Afonso da Silva – Legal Argumentation, Constitutional Interpretation, And Presumption Of Constitutionality
Alla V. Smirnova -Why Do Journalists Quote Other People, Or On The Functions Of Reported Speech In Argumentative Newspaper Discourse
A. Francisca Snoeck Henkemans – Manoeuvring Strategically With Rhetorical Questions
Tim Steffensmeier – Arguments Across Symbolic Forms: An Analysis Of Presidential Popularity
Kevin A. Stein, Suzanne Larson & Lionel A. Grady – Antapologia Arguments During The Hurricane Katrina Disaster
Takeshi Suzuki – A Fantasy Theme Analysis Of Prime Minister Koizumi’s “Structural Reform Without Sacred Cows”
Konishi Takuzo – Conceptualizing And Evaluating Dissociation From An Informal Logical Perspective
Christopher W. Tindale – Textual Allusion As Rhetorical Argumentation: Gorgias, Plato And Isocrates
Karen Tracy – How Newspaper Coverage Transforms Policy Issues Into Character Matters: Debate About A School District’s Test Scores
Tatyana P. Tretyakova – Polyphony Of Interpretations In Providing Argumentation In Modern Media Text
Assimakis Tseronis – The Management Of The Burden Of Proof And Its Implications For The Analysis Of Qualified Standpoints: The Case Of Evaluative Adverbials
Leire Urbieta & Begoña Carrascal – Circular Arguments Analysis
Hilde Van Belle – When You Don’t Have Anything To Prove. Strategic Manoeuvering And Rhetorical Argumentation
Jeffrey VanCleave – The Role Of Argument In Political Advocacy And The Power Of The Enthymeme: A Case Study Of The NSA Terrorist Surveillance Program Debate
Luis Vega & Paula Olmos – Enthymemes: The Starting Of A New Life
Ana María Vicuña Navarro – An Ideal
Ron Von Burg – Cinematic Arguments: The Efficacy Of The Day After Tomorrow In Public Arguments On Global Warming
Kristine Warrenburg – Aesthetic Argument: Moving Beyond Logic
Jack Russell Weinstein – Adam Smith’s Ad Hominem: Eighteenth Century Insight Regarding The Role Of Character In Argument
Andreas Welzel & Christopher Tindale – Fallacies As Violations Of Rationality Norms. An Interdisciplinary Approach
David Cratis Williams & Marilyn J. Young – Argumentation And Education: Preparing Citizens In Cultures Of Democratic Communication
Carol Winkler – Encroachments On State Sovereignty: The Argumentation Strategies Of The George W. Bush Administration
Harald Wohlrapp – Who Is Afraid Of Emotion In Argument?
Minghui Xiong & Yi Zhao – A Defeasible Pragma-Dialectical Model Of Argumentation
Yadvigha Yaskevich – Moral And Legal Arguments In Modern Bioethics
David Zarefsky – The U.S. And The World: The Unexpressed Premises Of American Exceptionalism
Gábor Á. Zemplén – Utilising Pragma-Dialectics For The Study Of Scientific Controversies: The Published Part Of The Newton-Lucas Correspondence, A Case Study From The 1670s