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chianaustr1Story No. 10 by Wang Yi, University of Western Australia – 王毅,西澳大利亚大学
Story No. 5 & No. 8 (Co.) by Liang Fen, University of Western Australia – 梁芬,西澳大利亚大学
Story Nos. 1, 11 & 19 by Liu Zhonghua, Changchun Guanghua University – 刘忠华,长春光华学院
Story Nos. 24, 15 & 26 by Guo Wenying, Zhejiang University – 过文英,浙江大学
Story Nos. 3, 4 &25, by Ji Cheng, East China Normal University – 季承,华东师范大学
Story Nos. 6, 7 & 9, by Niu Hongmei, Jilin Sports University – 牛红梅,吉林体育学院
Story No. 2, by Ma Huixia, Zhejiang University – 马慧霞,浙江大学
Story Nos. 8 (Co.), 14 & 22, by Xia Li, Liaoning Petrochemical University – 夏丽,辽宁石油化工大学
Story Nos. 12, 17 & 20, by Li Muzhi, Zhejiang University – 李牧之,浙江大学
Story No. 13, by Zhang Wei, University of Western Australia – 张巍,西澳大利亚大学
Story No. 16, by Chen Hong, China Jiliang University – 陈红,中国计量大学
Story Nos. 18 & 23 by Wang Huan, Zhejiang University – 王欢,浙江大学
Story No. 21, Li Wei, Chengdu Sports University & Wang Zhenyu, East China Normal University – 李威,成都体育学院;王振宇,华东师范大学

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