My Story ~ A Creative Research Project

flag-china-ausFor immigrants, identity is a kind of deep cultural psychology, the pursuit of a mental end-state, and a key part of their specific humanity. Since Australia is an important place for Chinese immigration, research on immigrants’ history, their personal struggle, the cultural conflict and integration between themselves and society, as well as their sense of ‘life-achievement’ are also important. They will contribute to the affirmation and understanding of immigrants’ value and identity, to their particular contribution to Australia’s development and social harmony, as well as to the active exploration of the impact of Australia’s, multicultural policy.

Oral history is an academic approach which has grown in importance since its origins in the 20th century and has been adopted in a wide range of disciplines from anthropology, sociology, and cultural studies, to literary heritage. As a kind of living history record focusing on people, studying personal memories, oral history has a unique historical and academic value.

In adopting this approach to the study of the cultural identity of Australian Chinese immigrants, the Confucius Institute at the University of Western Australia has seized upon a very visionary and creative subject. I believe that this project will gradually demonstrate its academic significance, it is certainly a good place to start from,, and we will look forward to sharing this academic achievements.

Feng Jicai

Deputy President of China Federation of Literary and Art Circles
Consultant of State Council of the People’s Republic of China

19 October 2014