NASHO & The Housing Development Agency (HDA) – Reviving Our Inner Cities: Social Housing And Urban Regeneration In South Africa 2013. The South African Government’s Social Housing Programme is a bold initiative to assist in the redressing of the spatial distortions of our old apartheid cities. It is intended to provide residential opportunities that assist low- and moderate-income households to have access to the socio-economic resources of our cities. Through such opportunities it will enable families and neighbourhoods to take control of their positive development.

The initial Restructuring Capital Grant (RCG) subsidies were awarded in 2006. Now after 6 years of substantial government investment in this programme, it is important to gain a better understanding of where and how these grants were spent. Understanding of such a crucial exercise and related results will enable the sector better insight, whilst at the same time allowing for an appropriate basis to inform the future use of this important investment in the nation’s commitment to adequate housing opportunities for low-income households.
It is for this reason that NASHO has undertaken this study so that we can have a better understanding of whether we are using this investment in the right parts of our cities and whether this financing is used in conjunction with other programmes that extends its impact on the urban regeneration and restructuring of our cities.

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