Planning Tomorrow’s Smart City: Turning Plans Into Reality January 2015. Numerous cities world-wide are thinking of, or have written Integrated Mobility Plans (IMPs). The objective of this seminar is to share best practice on how to turn plans into reality and how technology can help to make cities smart. An Integrated Mobility Plan provides a vision for successful urban mobility, and ensures that people and places can connect, now and in the future.
Five key success principles have been identified by UITP:
– Sharing the vision
– Effective governance
– Long-term political commitment
– Strong links with land-use planning and economic development
– Long-term funding commitment
Speakers in this seminar will share with the audience how they managed to be successful in these five areas and demonstrate the benefits Integrated Mobility Plans brought to their cities. An interactive breakout session will allow participants to sharpen their knowledge in these areas, and a panel session on Smart Cities and the role of technologies will give the audience precious insights to understand what challenges lie ahead.
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