Social Housing Crisis Calls for a New Vision for Architecture

guardian.couk. Jan. 23, 2103. Semi-detached houses were a revolution in affordable 20th century modernity, but social diversity and high density housing must be part of a new future.
In times of housing crisis such as these architects have traditionally asked, how can we create better social housing? What should it look like?
One answer is that social housing should look like other sorts of housing; or, perhaps, other sorts of housing should look like social housing.

Between the two world wars, architectural visionaries certainly agreed. Influenced by the radical ideas of Russian constructivism, Italian futurism and the great modernist architect Le Corbusier, a vision of state-funded, egalitarian housing with all mod cons and fabulous standards for space was implemented in the UK in an attempt to mend Britain’s bomb ravaged and slum ridden cities following the second world war.

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