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Joost Smiers is emeritus professor of political science at the Utrecht University of the Arts. With John Huige and Pieter Pekelharing he is the author of Power of the big corporations. Towards a fair international economy (Van Gennep 2016). He is preparing a publication about Zwerflawaai (Roaming noise) and other unwanted sounds.


It was in the early morning of November 9, 2016 that the inevitable occurred to me: the us had a new president, who would not be a boon to the world. But what would be the consequences? This question prompted me to try to make some sense of the dash of impressions, and not to throw the towel. An essay is the appropriate form for this.>

Thanks to Jaap Klazema, Aafke Steenhuis, Jan Joost Teunissen and Jan van der Putten, who have looked at the various drafts with a critical and supporting mind. Publisher Menno Grootveld immediately said: we’re going to do this. Thank you Menno. Geert Lovink, Jan van Boeckel, Ineke Jungschleger, Tineke van den Klinkenberg, Martin Willems, Anne van Delft and Mariska Mourik have shared their observations and analyses with me. A special thanks goes to John Huige and Pieter Pekelharing, my co-authors of Power of the big corporations. Towards a fair international economy. Owing to the years of discussions with them, I could make a flying start with writing this essay.

Even in hard times, as we now experience them, Kiki Amsberg, my girlfriend, and I keep our courage up. Together we cook the best meals in the world! Thanks Kiki. Our lives and our appetite will not be spoiled by anyone, and certainly not by the president of our (former?) Atlantic ally.

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Translation: Menno Grootveld
Publisher: Starfish Books

© 2017 Joost Smiers

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