The Ndundulu Invasion – Chapter 9 – Surfing In The RSA

mantzariscoverIt was a job that ought to be done despite his deep hatred of it. His principles and beliefs were that when you violate one’s privacy, above all, you violate yourself.  Now next to his carefully installed VODAFONE Internet device, he felt violated no end. A job had to be done; the fact that he did it because of need and not want  was merely a footnote of History, if that.

He googled the name “HU FONG”, just to start, before he moved to more sophisticated improvisations. The first item “ HU FONG SHIPMENTS” . The second HU FONG Heavy Machinery PTY. Ltd, Haihu Ayuan No 285.1, Du Dong Da Dao , Shanghai , 2001 29. Interesting. He felt that space annulled his memory, his history, his past and he was afraid to look at his future. He moved the mouse. He read:
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– And I thought I gave a new spin in Native Intelligence, he thought. These guys made it so simple for the competitors, they even avail to the enemy their suppliers name and addresses, but who could guarantee that they would provide the correct information?

He remembered when he first read the full text of Michael Porter’s “COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE” for his Marketing IA class. He smiled and moved on.

He moved to the next item
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His sorrow was annulled .His humanity was annulled together with his dignity, his knowledge, space became a gigantic “elsewhere”, a new consciousness of the mind and body , most time searching for facts and creating new ones, mostly imaginary.

He continued mechanically, switching and turning his searching techniques accordingly fitting his words with small futilities. He did not enjoy the search, full stop.

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He signed into FACEBOOK as “FRIENDS OF JACOB ZUMA FREQUENT CONTRIBUTOR”.  No problem, his entry went through. He clicked on the photographs, all 127 of them. His search subject’s photo was absent, nowhere to be found. He felt his search was like a lantern at the crossroads facing the wind, solitary and despairing in the midst of the gentle rain.

He moved onto the Peking University Website. He scanned the History Department first.

Most national and international rankings of Chinese universities place Peking University among the top universities in China

The Times Higher Education Supplement in 2006 ranked Peking University as the 14th best university in the world, taking the highest spot in Asia; the same ranking in 2007 placed the University at 36th, and in 2008, it was ranked  50th.The University consists of 30 colleges and 12 departments, with 93 specialties for undergraduates, two  specialties for the second Bachelor’s degree, 199 specialties for Master’s degree candidates and 173 specialties for Doctoral candidates. While in a leading position of basic sciences research and teaching, the University has gained itself very successful development of applied sciences.

At present, Peking University has 216 research institutions and research centres, including two national engineering research centres, 81 key national disciplines, 12 national key laboratories. With 4.5 million holdings, the university library is the largest of its kind in Asia.

In 2008, the Times Higher Education (THE) ranked the Peking University as the 23rd best university in the field of Arts and Humanities; it is also the highest ranked university from Asia in this field.  Peking University was previously ranked as the 18th (2007 rankings), 10th (2006 rankings), 6th (2005 rankings), and 7th (2004 rankings) best arts and humanities universities in the world.

He had enough of minor details before he moved into the School of International Studies (SIS), the first such school set up in Chinese Universities. In 1996. He found out that SIS is organized into three Departments and three Institutes, the Department of International Studies, the Department of Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs Management, the Department of International Political Economy, the Institute of International Relations, the Institute of Afro -Asian Studies, and the Institute of World Socialism. In addition, SIS is also the host of more than twenty research centers. On the administrative side, SIS has a general office, an office for student affairs, a center for development and exchanges, and an editorial office for the journal of International Politics Quarterly.

“Top school”, he thought, “only the best for Mr. Hu”.

He moved quickly to the sub-programme. The Department of International Political Economy was founded in 2003, and he thought it was out of the equation because Hu had graduated at that time, but the Institute of WorldSocialism was founded in 1994. It developed a Ph.D. program in Scientific Socialism and International Communist Movement together with the School of Marxism at Peking University in 1997. The Institute has five faculty members including three full professors and two Associate Professors .Main Research Interests: politics and socialism in Western Europe, politics and socialism in Russia and Eastern Europe, and politics and socialism with Chinese characteristics in China.

He tried to figure out whether this landscaping exercise   had annulled his imagination. This was  a burning question both in the essence and content , but it definitely had annulled his sorrow and created new emotions, new to him in the fifth decade of his life.

He moved to History, “Under Construction”- he cursed. How a new Department and Faculty established well after 2000 can has a full scale description and one established in the sixties is under construction? He calmed himself down, as he never trusted historians, and knew that the only genuine recorders of History were the Anthropologists. He moved into specialisations, and when the results appeared he congratulated his mastery of technology. “Zulu” appeared under “Foreign Languages and Literature”, “Zulu History” under “African History”. He was happy with himself. He had the last hit “Zulu History Graduates” and printed the page. He did the same with “Zulu Language Graduates”.

He underlined Mr. Hu’s achievements:


Understanding: 92% Distinction.
Content: 94% Distinction.
Essence: 91% Distinction
Materialist Analysis:  97% Distinction
Mfecane: 94% Distinction

Spelling: 96% Distinction
Vocabulary: 97% Distinction
Inter-Textual: 93% Distinction
Isibongi: 98% Distinction
Story-telling: 94% Distinction
Pronunciation: 98% Distinction

He switched off the VODAFONE and lit a cigarette. He really admired Mr. Hu, an eternal unit of Mankind who obviously, toiled, stayed up nights, researched, crossed many seas, carrying on his shoulders a tradition of thousands of years of academic and intellectual pursuit.

He printed the useful parts and folded the copied papers and stashed them underneath the bugging and trucking devices in the safe. He locked.
The masks were off. The face, the irrefutable face of the challenge was now bare, naked, facing a new beginning  straight into the eyes , that were distant.

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