Wim Vredenberg – CV & Research

Home address
Willem J. Vredenberg
Pr. Hendrikweg 2A
NL 6721 AD Bennekom
Tel. +31 318-430303
E-mail wim.vredenberg@wur.nl

Personal data
Date of birth
7 March 1937

“doctorate” experimental physics, mathematics and applied mathematics, University of Utrecht, 1960
PhD Biophysics, thesis ‘Spectrophotometric Studies on Primary and Associated Reactions in Photosynthesis, University of Leiden, 1965 (promotor Prof Dr L.N.M. Duysens)
Full Professor of Plant Physiology (physical aspects), WAU, 1979

1960: junior scientist Biophysics Department University Leiden
1967: principal scientist Center for Agrobiological Research, Wageningen
1970: visiting lecturer Dept Physiology and Biophysics University of Illinois, Urbana, USA (1 year)
1979: professor of Plant Physiology (physical aspects) WAU

Membership of Professional Organizations
Nederlandse Natuurkundige Vereniging
Vereniging voor Biofysica, Chairman 1988-1994
American Society of Plant Physiologists
European Society of Biophysicists
Commissie Biochemie Biofysica van de KNAW 1986-1994
Biologische Raad van de KNAW 1990-1994
Editor Photosynthetica

Research programs
From 1979 till 1994(5) the chair of (biophysical) plant physiology at the Wageningen Agricultural University (since 2000 renamed as Wageningen University and Research (WUR)) has focused its research primarily on the interaction of plants with light as a source of energy (photosynthesis) and of information (photomorphogenesis), with special emphasis on the molecular, (bio-)physical and (eco-) physiological aspects thereof. After the merging in 1993 of the till then existing two physiological departments in the new department of Plant Physiology, the emphasis of the chair has become limited mainly to the field of photosynthesis. Research on photomorphogenesis) is now continuing within the research theme Regulation and Differentiation.
Research projects on photosynthesis have been:
Electrogenesis, energy trapping and energy coupling in chloroplasts.
The chloroplast is a perfect model of a photoelectric energy transducer. Changes in the photocurrent profiles (amplitude, rate constant) caused by single turnover or continuous energisation point amongst others to changes in conductance of longitudinal lumenal and stromal phases of the intensity folded thylakoid membrane system. They are found to be accompanied by changes of the internal chloroplast structure as concluded from EM micrographs. The dynamic properties of the thylakoid are apparently of importance for spatial distribution of generated currents and consequently for the bioenergetic performance of the plastid.
Transit sequence-triggered responses in chloroplast envelope membranes
The project aims at getting information on the nature of the membrane responses that are associated with and/or involved in the recognition and following translocation of the precursor across the envelope.
Photosystem II of photosynthesis in chloroplasts
Photosystem II not only selectively senses but also adapts efficiently to environmental stressors. Study of photometric properties of PSII in vivo (fluorescence, luminescence, absorption) offers a sensitive means to study the impact of and defensive strategies of plants against environmental factors (coordinated by Dr. J.J.S. van Rensen)
UV-B interaction with plants
Research focusses on three aspects of this interaction (i) identification of protective mechanisms,(ii) elucidation of the role of protective mechanisms in plant and ecosystem productivity, and (iii) PSII as a target for UV-B radiation

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Wim Vredenberg – Publications & Links

Publications W.J. Vredenberg, LUW, 1978-2008

Vredenberg, W.J. and A.H.C.M. Schapendonk. Evidence for a light-induced blue band shift of part of the P515 pigment pool in intact chloroplasts. FEBS Lett. 91, 1978, 90-93.

Schapendonk, A.H.C.M. and W.J. Vredenberg. Activation of the Reaction II component of P515 in chloroplasts by pigment system 1. FEBS Letters 106, 1979, 257-261.

Schapendonk, A.H.C.M., W.J. Vredenberg and W.J.M. Tonk. Studies on the kinetics of the 515 nm absorbance change in chloroplasts. I. Evidence for the induction of a fast and slow P515 response upon saturating light flashes. FEBS Letters 100, 1979, 325-330.

Tonk, W.J.M., A.H.C.M. Schapendonk and W.J. Vredenberg. A double-compartment mixing cuvette for measuring light- and chemically-induced absorbance changes in suspensions of energy-conserving particles. J. of Biochemical and Biophysical Methods. 1, 1979, 193-194.

Schapendonk, A.H.C.M., A.M. Hemrika-Wagner, A.P.R. Theuvenet, H.W. Wong Fong Sang, W.J. Vredenberg and R. Kra. Energy-dependent changes of the electrokinetic properties of chloroplasts Biochem. – 19, 1980, 19-22.

Vredenberg, W.J. and A.H.C.M. Schapendonk. Reaction kinetics of P515 in chloroplasts. Transmembrane (reaction I) and inner membrane (reaction II) electric fields. In: Photosynthesis Vol. I, ( G. Akoyunoglou ed.) Balaban Int. Sci. Serv. Philadelphia, 1981, 489-499.

Vredenberg, W.J. P515: A monitor of photosynthetic energization in chloroplast membranes. Physiol. Plant. 53(4), 1981, 598-602.

Kooten, O. van, F.A.M. Leermakers, R.L.A. Peters, and W.J. Vredenberg. Indications for the chloroplasts as a tri-compartment system: Micro-electrode and P515 measurements imply semi-localized chemiosmosis. In: Proc. VIth Int. Congr. on Photosynthesis, ( C. Sybesma ed.) 1983, II4, 265-268.

Kooten, v. O., A.G.M. Gloudemans, and W.J. Vredenberg. On the slow component of P515 and the flash-induced reduction of cytochrome b563 in chloroplast membranes. Photobiochem. Photobiophys. 6, 1983, 9-14.

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Wim Vredenberg – PhD Theses

PhD theses Chair Biophysical Plant Physiology, Wageningen University 1980-2000

Schapendonk, A.H.C.M. -Electrical events associated with primary photosynthetic reactions in chloroplast membranes. -1980, Promotor Prof. Dr. W.J. Vredenberg

Brakel, G.H. van -The triplet state of chllorophyll-a in whole algal cells -1982, Promotoren Prof.T.J. Schaafsma en Prof.W.J.Vredenberg, co-referent Dr J.J.S.vRensen

Vermaas, W.F.J. -The interaction of quinones, herbicides and bicarbonate with their binding environment at the acceptor side of Photosystem II in photosynthesis. -1984, Promotoren Prof. Dr. W.J. Vredenberg en Prof.Dr G. Renger, co-promotor Dr. J.J.S. van Rensen,

Snel, J. -Regulation of photosynthetic electron flow in isolated chloroplasts by bicarbonate, formate and herbicides. -1985, Promotor Prof. Dr. W.J. Vredenberg, co-promotor Dr.J.J.S. van Rensen,

Cone, J.W. -Photocontrol of seed germination of wildtype and long-hypocotyl mutants of Arabidopsis thaliana. -1985, Promotor Prof. Dr. W.J. Vredenberg, co-promotor Dr. R.E. Kendrick,

Peters, R. -Electrochromic effects in relation to energy transduction and energy coupling in chloroplast membranes. -1986, Promotor Prof. Dr. W. J. Vredenberg,

Kraak, H.L. -Phytochrome and greening in etioplasts. -1986, Promotor Prof. Dr. W.J. Vredenberg, co-promotor Dr. R.E. Kendrick,

Kooten, O. van. -Free energy transduction. Modelling electrochemical events. -1988, Promotor Prof. Dr. W.J. Vredenberg,

Adamse, P. -Mutants as an aid to the study of higher plant photomorphogenesis. -1988, Promotor Prof. Dr. W.J. Vredenberg, co-promotor Dr. R.E. Kendrick,

Hove, L.W.A. van. -The mechanism of NH3 and SO2 uptake by leaves and its physiological effects. -1989, Promotoren Prof. Dr. E.H. Adema en Prof. Dr. W.J. Vredenberg,

Naber, J.D. -Molecular aspects of herbicide binding in chloroplasts. -1989, Promotor Prof. Dr. W.J. Vredenberg, co-promotor Dr. Ir. J.J.S. van Rensen,

Bossen, M.E. -Protoplasts as a model system to study phytochrome-regulated changes in the plasma membrane. -1990, Promotor Prof. Dr. W.J. Vredenberg, co-promotor Dr. R.E. Kendrick,

Ooms, J.J.J. -Electrochromic absorbance changes in relation to electron transport and energy coupling in thylakoid membranes. -1990, Promotor Prof. Dr. W. J. Vredenberg,

Peters, J.L. -Photomorphogenetic mutants of higher plants. -1992, Promotor Prof. Dr. W.J. Vredenberg, co-promotor Dr. R.E. Kendrick,

Schansker, G. -Mechanistic aspects of the inhibition of photosynthesis by light -1996, Promotor Prof. Dr. W.J. Vredenberg, co-promotor Dr.ir. J.J.S. van Rensen.

Kerckhoffs, Huub -Physiological Functions of Phytochromes in Tomato. A study using photomorphogenic mutants -1996, Promotor Prof. Dr. W.J. Vredenberg, co-promotor: Dr R.E. Kendrick

Voorthuysen T. van. -The electrical potential as a gauge of photosynthetic performance in plant Chloroplasts. A patch-clamp study. -1997, Promotor Prof. Dr. W.J. Vredenberg, co-promotor Dr. J.F.H. Snel.

Curwiel, V.B. -Regulation of photosynthesis and energy dissipation in triazine-resistant and susceptible chenopodium album. -1997, Promotor Prof. Dr. W.J. Vredenberg, co-promotor Dr.ir. J.J.S. van Rensen.

Geel, Corine. -Photosystem II electron flow as a measure for phytoplankton gross primary production -1997, Promotor Prof. Dr. W.J. Vredenberg, co-promotor Dr. J.F.H. Snel,

Wijngaard, P.W.J. van den -The electrophysiology of chloroplast protein import. The involvement of an anion channel in protein translocation across the inner mebrane. -1999, Promotor Prof. Dr. W.J. Vredenberg, co-promotor, Dr J.F.H. Snel

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